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Please fill the application form and submit your resume. Hereafter, our consultants will review your application and contact you back with details.

Benefits for working with us. 

  1. EU regulated contracts
  2. Professional Hotel Services
  3. ISO Quality standards for people management
  4. Best paying HORECA jobs across EU borders. 
  5. Full refund on travel expenses. 
  6. Fully covering insurance
  7. Unemployment benefits after the season
  8. Professional and international colleagues.
  9. Free Professional Training opportunities.
  10. Career advancements grow as you work

There are many other benefits you get when you get recruited by the HE group.  

Our company is affiliated with European Committee for Employment and Social Affairs.

Hotel Entertainer ™ is a subdivision or HeDB Europe and Eristavi R. Group. Registered under: EL 301975370