Down came the rain is an old TV sketch that was originally aired on French television channel. back in 1960’s. The story is about a man who is sitting with his girl under the rain and sings a love song about her. however in Entertainment it has been changed a bit. In 1984 this number was supposed to be performed with 3 entertainers. The main singer, rain man and the girl. At this exact time before the beginning of this performance, girl had an accident and couldn’t join the stage. So, the singer decided to perform anyways and took a random person from the public. As a result Down Came the rain number became one of the best classical playbacks of all time in the history of Entertainment. Here is the video of this playback performed by one of the best entertainment teams in Greece Corfu Island. There are many other versions of this song for example in some hotels it is being performed under the song of Prince – Purple rain, as well French original version such as “par a pluie.” However English version is commonly used as the guests are international in most of the hotels. Enjoy watching this video.